Discovery Navigator issue


I am using two classes called and

DiscoveryNavigator navigator = new DiscoveryNavigator(this, this);

public void buttonClick(ClickEvent event) {

    UI ui = getUI();
    DiscoveryNavigator dn = (DiscoveryNavigator) ui.getNavigator();
    String navigateTo = TransactionTypeManagementView.NAME;

The page is not navigating to desired view which i mentioned.even i am not getting any error as well its staying in LoginView only.can anbody tell me what i am configured wrong

i am using vaadin with spring and hibernate.

Have you previously added the view in question to the navigator or are you using a view provider? …or some other way?

Well, the navigator
throw an exception if the view is not found… So perhaps debug it and see if you can find the problem?