Disappearing borders on Components


I’ve noticed that a lot of times, the borders on Components like buttons and combo boxes will randomly disappear, especially in cases where I’m adding or removing new Components at runtime(like having a button click create a new Label, for instance).

This seems to only happen in IE, which I know is terrible about CSS compatibility, but nevertheless, it’s the main browser I have to support.

It’s normally the bottom or right border of the Component that goes missing or gets cut off. I’m guessing it’s something with the Component going 1 pixel beyond its assigned space or something like that.

Is there a general rule for styling/spacing to prevent this in IE?


In case anyone else has had this same issue, I think the solution is to put a small margin around each component:

.v-textfield {
    margin-bottom: 2px;

I’ve only tested this with the base theme though.