Disabling Lumo theme?

Hi, is there any way to disable the Lumo theme/predefined CSS classes?

I’m using Shadcn and the Lumo styles are interfering with the Shadcn tailwind classes - I’ve annotated my SpringApplication with @NoTheme as well as remove theme.json

In theme.json, remove utility from lumoImports

I have…

I missed that part - did you delete the file, or just the import for utility? Did you try removing the generated files in frontend / restarting the app?

Well I guess removing the annotation makes it irrelevant what the content of the theme folder is. Anyway I quickly checked and removing the theme does remove the Lumo utility classes.

The custom CSS variables that are shown in your screenshot are still going to be defined as long as you use Vaadin components. But those shouldn’t interfere with other CSS libraries. Can you clarify which CSS class specifically you have problems with?