Disabling heartbeat causes infinite refresh loop

Hi All,

I’m trying to disable heatbeat as we have a vaadin app that runs cached in offline mode in the browser - however after 5 minutes I get the error “unable to connecto to server” as this is the heartbeat interval.

When I set the heartbeat interval to 0, I get constant page refreshing on the home screen. Am I supposed to just use a very large value (We have clients who remain offline for 7+ days at a time).

How do I disable the heartbeat so that the normal app can still load and log in?

Or can I disable the heartbeat from firing using javascript?

PS: I am on vaadin 14.


IIRC setting heartbeatInterval to -1 should disable it

but probably also 0 should work

Let me try with -1, 0 causes the login page to refresh over and over.

-1 seems to work so far, thanks!

I tested locally with 0 and it works fine form me; 0 disabes heartbeat as well.