DisableOnClick doesnt work with ClickShortcut

Hey, i have a problem with the disableOnClick and addClickShortcut:
This is my code currently:
My problem is that the disableOnClick only works with the mouse click and not with the Enter key.
Does anyone know a fix for this or do i have to implement it manually?

How exactly is it not working? And where is your focus when it’s not working? On the button or another field?

The button is triggered with the Enter Key, but it is not disabled.
Im usually focused inside a textfield in this situation, does it make a difference?

@quirky-zebra Thanks for your reply

DisableOnClick doesnt work with ClickShortcut

I tested it, the behaviour is always the same no matter what the current focus is

I’d say that’s a bug

You’ll need to do it manually

Do you have a suggestion? My implementations seemed error-prone

Looking at the implementation of the Feature in the Button, the shortcut isn’t considered. First workaround that comes to mind would be to reimplement the shortcut API yourself with Javascript and calling “click()” on the button - this is registered and should disable the button