Disabled Button in Vaadin 7.1

In Vaadin 6 disabling a button it were greyed.
Now, in Vaadin 7.1 I don’t see the button greyed when disabled.
I verified and i’ts really disabled because the listener doesn’t fire when clicked.
What’s wrong ?

Then you either have a style somewhere which sets the opacity of a disabled button to 1 or your listener isn’t called for another reason (Maybe an exception) as in Vaadin 7.1 nothing changed in terms of buttons getting grayed out when they are disabled.

If you create a new empty Vaadin 7 project and add a button and set it to disabled, you can see that it is grayed out. Do you have a custom theme in your application? A quick way to check if it’s an issue related to your theme is to add the parameter “?theme=reindeer” to your URL, this will render your application using the Reindeer theme.