disable ProgressIndicator polling interval


I have a ProgressIndicator but I would like to disable the polling feature as I am pushing the changes using ICEPush. I haven’t seen any API function to do this, so I tried setting the polling to a slower rate.

When I change the polling rate from 1 second to 5 seconds, for example, I notice in the GWT development mode window that the rate the polls are recieved does indeed decrease. However, when i set the interval to 60 seconds, the polling reverts to the default of 1 second.

Edit: typically, now that I have posted, the 60 second interval is working.

Any insight into how to disable the polling,
what the maximum polling interval is
, or an alternative progress bar widget that doesn’t poll?



Unfortunately there is currently no support for turning polling off in the ProgressIndicator component. I also do not know of any other progress indicators that you could use… You could, however, fairly easily duplicate the ProgressIndicator component without the polling part by removing all references to ‘poller’ from VProgressIndicator.java. Our eclipse plugin should be fairly helpful with creating and compiling this widget for you.