Disable formatting in Textfield

I’ve a text field which gets a value from the DB. The data type is long and this is how it is formatting. I do not want to see any commas ( I do not see the same in DB ). How to disable this auto formatting ?

Textfield has no auto-formatter. Sounds like your LongToString converter does this.

Or perhaps that’s a NumberField or a BigDecimalField instead of a TextField?

yes, it is a text field TextField phoneNumber = new TextField("Phone Number"); and it has binder.forField(phoneNumber) .withNullRepresentation("") .withConverter(new StringToLongConverter("Only numbers are allowed")) .bind(AboutYourFirmEntity::getPhoneNumber, AboutYourFirmEntity::setPhoneNumber);

Looks StringToLongConverter is formatting the text. How to fix this ?

Extend it and override getFormat or write your own.