Disable Dates in DateField

I’d like to be able to restrict the DateField widget to the most recent 90 days. I see that I can use a validator to show an error if the date is out of range, but is there a way to disable the selection of dates out of the date range?

Nobody has any suggestions? Is this a new feature?

Such features are not supported by the standard DateField component, nor will they probably - everybody would have slightly different needs, and the component would become extremely complex while only a handful of users would benefit.

Some addons such as the
might get you a small step towards what you want, perhaps combined with some CSS tricks to disable dates with certain styles, but do note that the server side code would still need to validate the date as a user would be able to bypass such client side tricks.

Min / Max dates being unselectable is a pretty standard date field feature.

There is an enhancement request (
) for restricting the range of date selection.

I have the same requirement as you…
Could you solve this problem?

I am surprised to see there is no solution to this problem yet… or is it that I am aware of one. Can someone let me know if you found some solution to that??