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I’m trying to modify a menubar item when I click another component, but it doesn’t refresh automatically, changing only when I refresh the application…how can I do this without refreshing the browser??



Can you be a bit more specific, ideally with a small code snippet illustrating your design?

Sure, here it goes:

I have a class implementing the menu:

public class Menu000_General extends MenuBar {
public Menu000_General(Ver003Application app, String activo) {

		MenuItem activoMenu = addItem(activo, null);

and here is the getter for it, in the main application class:

private Menu000_General getMenu000_General(){
		if (menu000_General==null){
			menu000_General=new Menu000_General(this, activo);
		return menu000_General;

which is called at:

private void setMainComponent(Component c) {


when I change something in a tabsheet:

public void selectedTabChange(SelectedTabChangeEvent event) {
		final TabSheet selectedtabsheet = event.getTabSheet();
		if (selectedtabsheet == tabPrincipal) {
            activetab1 = selectedtabsheet.getSelectedTab();
            activetab1caption = (selectedtabsheet.getTab(activetab1)).getCaption();


		} else {
			activetab2 = selectedtabsheet.getSelectedTab();
            activetab2caption = (selectedtabsheet.getTab(activetab2)).getCaption();

		CambiarMenu(activetab1caption, activetab2caption);

		public void CambiarMenu(String activetab1caption, String activetab2caption){
				activo = activetab1caption + " > " + activetab2caption;
				menu000_General=new Menu000_General(this, activo);

What this basically does is that since I have a tabsheet inside another tabsheet, when I click any of them I want to have a menu item in the menu that says “tab1 > tab2”.

I currently can do it, but I need to refresh the application to make it appear as a menu item

Thank you very much for all your help

Does someone have an answer for this?..please help, I’m stiil stuck in this…


I posted this reply in other message, which is related to this, regarding the use of the menuCommand:



thanks in advance for any possible help…

Your function CambiarMenu does not do what you think.

                //this creates a new menu
                menu000_General=new Menu000_General(this, activo);
                 //this does nothing (returns the new menu but is unused)

Maybe you are looking for something like this :

                //save the old menu
                Menu000_General oldMenu = getMenu000_General();

                //this creates a new menu
                menu000_General=new Menu000_General(this, activo);

                 //this replaces the old menu by the new one (same main as in function setMainComponent)
                main.replaceComponent(oldMenu, menu000_General);

PS : Your classes and variables names makes the code really hard to read…


Your solution worked perfect. Thank you very much!!!

PS: I know the names are a kinda messy, so sorry if because of that, this took too much of your time…

regards, and thank you very much again.