Difficulty importing SimpleCRM example app for local development

I’m having some trouble importing the SimpleCRM example app (vaadin-jpa-app) found at the bottom of the Vaadin Blog post titled “A recipe for a data centric rich internet application” on January 20 ( Link: https://vaadin.com/blog/-/blogs/a-recipe-for-a-data-centric-rich-internet-application )

After git cloning the repository from https://hub.jazz.net/git/vaadin/vaadin-jpa-app as described in the README.md, I have tried to import the project as a Maven project into Eclipse Luna but unfortunately receive the following errors related to the pom.xml file:


I have tried to deploy the application to my WebSphere Liberty Profile Server anyway but get a “Context Root Not Found” error.

I have also noticed that in my server.xml file under WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile, I see warnings mentioning that the elements “jdbcDriver” and “dataSource” are “not enabled by the available features” after copying the relevant code outlined in the “Local development” section of the README.md ( from https://hub.jazz.net/project/vaadin/vaadin-jpa-app/overview )

Can someone more familiar with this process walk me through what I should be doing? It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

I think I already answered you on stackoverflow as well, but here is my answer to here as well:

The first thing to note is to go with IntelliJ if possible, It just works :slight_smile:

When you start, make sure you have an eclipse installation that has no extra plugins and latest versions of liberty profile plugin (or its beta release) installed. Other eclipse plugins may disturb the deployment.

Also make sure that you have the latest version of the example project (git pull). Both Liberty and Vaadin CDI have developed fast during the last couple of months and there might have been some small incompatibilities.

The “errors” eclipse says are just that eclipse don’t know how it should handle those build settings internally. You can just mark them so that eclipse ignores them and do full build once (mvn install) to get client side resources compiled.

If Eclipse creates an “ear project” when it imports the war file, just delete that and deploy the war file only.

In server.xml you must enable required features. The app needs servlet, JPA, EBJ lite and CDI, but it is probably easier and almost as lightweight to just enable whole java ee 6 web profile stuff, this is what I use in my liberty server pretty much always:

<!-- Enable features -->

If you have derby jar added as in instructions and the data source define, things should then work just fine. Let me know if there is still some issue.

Thanks so much for all the help!