Different width calculations in FF / Chrome

Hey guys,

so first of all my structure:
I have a dynamicly build breadcrumb on top of my page. They are rendered as seperates divs etc.
so i build X breadscrump steps and a trailing picture, which is only for a nice style (see first attachment)

The last little small piece is the trailing image which is build like that (inside a cssLayout):

final Label emptyLabel = new Label(“<div class="label-inner">”);
emptyLabel.setWidth(complexFormula(), Sizeable.UNITS_PIXELS); // after that adding to cssLayout usw…

In this case my formula returns 16 pixels. Which is WRONG! (no problem here, wait).

But looking in my html generated code shows that in firefox this label-Element has the width 1px (attachment2) (which is the only correct answer by the way) and in chrome i get 32px (attachment 3), which is wrong and the bar is too long and will break to next line.

so, okay my formula is wrong, correct. but … where did the 32px in chrome come from? and why is it correct in FF?

in an other case (less steps in breadcrumbs) firefox correctly calculate a width of 25px, chrome instead deliver a width of 100px.

any ideas where to look for that “calculations” ?