Different results compiling widget set beetwen vaadin 7.4.8 and 7.6.0.beta2


I have compiled widget set for vaadin (including org.vaadin.hene.popupbutton.widgetset.PopupbuttonWidgetset), but getting different result in 7.4.8 and 7.6.0.b2. Is this intended and something I should be aware of OR is there a bug in compiling widget set? The most interesting part of this is, the whole .v-popupbutton-popup{} is renamed to .v-popupbutton-popup-popupbutton-legacy{}, therefore I lose font-family, font-size, line-height and color for my styling.

See attached .css.
22435.txt (1.43 KB)
22436.txt (1017 Bytes)

If I understand correctly those changes you mention are made to the PopupButton addon. Did you also update PopupButton version?

I’ve been using latest popupbutton2.6.0 in both cases. The compaling of the widgetset gives me different popupbutton.css between 7.4.8 and 7.6.0.b2.

Ok, I think I will need to test PopupButton with Vaadin 7.6. Thanks for reporting this!


I checked this with better time. It seems the 7.4.8 version you see is CSS for PopupButton version 2.5.0:


It must be so that you have updated from PopupButton version 2.5.0 to 2.6.0 at some point.



Yeah, you are right. I’ve updated to 2.6.0 couple of months ago, but forgot to update build script for widgetset. Thank you for pointing that out.

Cheers, Simon