Different Panel syles

Is it possible to style Panels in more then one way?
Surely i can add stylenames, but that doesnt completely fulfill my desires. I have to adjust the .v-panel class and other subelement-classes to my needs (actually to use different images that the defaultimages).
As a result ALL panels look that way.
I want to have different types of panels. Is there a way to set the default css-class to use (e.g. .v-my-panel1type, .v-my-panel2type or the like)?

If you’d want to change the primary style name for the panel, that can’t be done currently, unless you are willing to extend the Panel on the client side as well. Otherwise you’re just able to add additional style names on top of the existing panel styles. This is very limiting in some cases, I know, and will be addressed in some way in version 7.

I couldnt think of any solution before; overlooked that.
I (just) have to create my own widget. thx.
Ill try that.