different menubar popup in same app

We have an app with different Modules. Every Module has different HeaderCollor.

The color of the menu popup is hardcoded in css,
it looks great in one place


and less great in other place :slight_smile:

(i only managed to change color of menuItems :smiley: )

i would like te declare the css color depending on what module is loaded
so that i could go like module-name → v-menubar-popup : color:blabla

I tryed with
getMenuBar().addStyleName(“module-name”) and

But i just cant get anything specific in the DOM


There are only generic classes.

The View, that has the Menubar in it has

MySpecialView extends CustomComponent implements View

Im realy havent tought, that i would have problems to change a backgroundcolor, but here i am :smiley:

Hope for your Help :slight_smile: !



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Thanks for your responce Devi, but my goal is to make it work, without using javascript.

As i have access to menuItem, i would be easy to write
$(".myMenyItemStyleClass" ).parent().css( "background-color", "blue" );

and make Vaadin to run the code with something like


But it looks like a unclean solution for me, a hack. It shows that i dont know how to do it properly and just use something that will work.

It’s Vaadin, not JavaEE, i am not sure, that who ever will maintain the code will know javascript. We actualy do not have a single line javascript in it, so i gues there is a clean solution, and i just have to find it :slight_smile: