Different behaviour depending on the browser and computer.


I have a strange problem, I will try to explain it as clearer as possible.

I have developed a website for the past 3 mounths, and now I want to deploy it, first locally.

So I have the .war of the project wich I run on a Tomcat server on my computer, when i try to acces to the website
from my computer with firefox I can login and go through the whole website without any trouble.

When I try the same on chrome, I still can login and I have the menubar and the logo of the website displayed just fine. But when I try to acces a page from the menubar nothing is displayed, not even the menubar, just the logo.

The behaviour on chrome occurs on all browser if I try to connect to the website from another computer.

And I have no error on the stack error.

Thank you for any help.

Sounds like it might be a CSS or layout problem. Run your app with ?debug after the URL and run the analyze layouts action. Do you get any errors?

When I run the analyze layouts action I get, on firefox where everything is displayed:
Layouts analyzed on server, total top level problems: 3

  • Root problems

Processing time was 297ms for 7801 characters of JSON
Referenced paintables: 29

On chrome where nothing is displayed:
Layouts analyzed on server, total top level problems: 0

Processing time was 6ms for 1177 characters of JSON
Referenced paintables: 3

Hello Folks …
Even I have the same Problem …The problem goes like this…
I have developed a webapplication using Vaadin6 with Intellij IDE when I try to Launch it on local server, Login goes fine but when it enters the application home page Just a Logo of my enterprise nothing else not even logout button … I am not understanding how to fix this bug , kindly help


It sounds like bot of your problems are most likely caused by layout issues. Things like having % sizes inside undefinded sized layouts or using % sizes in slots collapsed by expand ratios. Be sure to check the analyze layouts tool.