Dialog component with form sizing problem

Hi, I have a Dialog that contains a FormLayout, the dialog is set as modal and draggable.
The problem occurs when the binder validation shows the correspondent error message for each.
if I do not move the dialog screen from the original position, everything works well. But whenever I move the dialog screen to another position and make the binder validation shows the errors again, the dialog screen does not resize and shows the right scroll bar.


Sounds like a bug you should report on GitHub.

Will do, thanks.

I think this is related to the dragging/resizing mechanism in the Dialog – if the dialog is resized, it won’t auto-size in reaction to changes, which is probably quite understandable. However, if I recall correctly, dragging is somehow related to resizing, so the size, at the time of dragging, is kind of “locked” as if it had been resized

which is not to say that it’s not a bug, though

Thanks Rolf, as workaround I just disabled the dragging.

There is an existing issue for this: https://github.com/vaadin/web-components/issues/436

Not locking in the width / height of the dialog on drag start seems to be easy to fix, but has some interesting effects if the dialog has a max width and free-flow text content. Basically the dialog starts to stretch beyond the max width.