Detecting a click on Grid while row editor is opened in buffered mode

I want to show the dialog box by clicking on a different row (with options to save changes or cancel).
In the buffered mode of editor when clicking on the table event does not fired, how to make it fired?
I will hide editor footer in theme CSS and use this dialog instead.

This is actually happening with both unbuffered and buffered mode. When Editor is open, it will catch the click and is stoping the event propagation, thus underlying Grid does not get the click event and ItemClickEvent is not being fired.

And Grid is intentionally designed in this way, since it ensures that you will not exit the editor without running the validators in buffered mode. I.e. you need to click save or cancel.

Is it possible to detect a click on the table through extensions or another way?

Is it possible to detect a click on the grid row through extensions or another way?

Technically speaking yes. E.g. GridFastNavigation add-on does this trick in order to make possible single click editor opening.

But you could also listen to Editor opening, see ( ) when you are in unbuffered mode Editor already open, editor will re-open on the row you click. This catching this event could help you find a way.

Can you give a sample code?

I need to I need to prevent the opening of a new row editor, until the values of all the cells of the line are valid.