Designer very slow

Hi, I am testing Designer v4.6.24 on an M1 Mac with IntelliJ CE v2023.2.5 in Chrome (following the tutorial). It builds in less than 3 sec, but the page loads for 5-10min and the added components aren’t visible. Am I missing something?

Hello @free-spirited-fox! Could you please send me a log?

Hi @pleasant-leopard , thanks for the quick reply. Hereby…

logs.txt (54.1 KB)

@free-spirited-fox there are a lof of errors related to Node server. Do you have it installed? Does it work locally?

Yes, v20.9.0

Could you access it locally? Is it available? No firewalls?

I don’t have any firewalls. I checked via ‘node v’, not sure how else to check? I can install the packages via npm

Let’s try this thing: remove your existing Node installation, make sure it is not available. After that open any template. Designer should install the node server on its own. Maybe this is the problem with Node versions imcompatibilities.

Unfortunately getting the same errors after removing node

I started a new project to be sure, but no difference

Which OS you are using?

Sorry for the late reply. I’m on sonoma 14.1.1

Could you try Vaadin Designer in Eclipse? Just curious will it work?

I discussed with my colleague and he got it working on his MAC with a previous OS version. Maybe that was indeed the problem. In the meantime my trial expired as well, so didn’t have time to try on Eclipse. We will proceed without flow for the moment. Thank you for your help!