Designer - Required dependencies missing

I am running Designer on an M1 Mac and the only way I have been able to use it is in Chrome.

When I open a design, all the components are grayed out. If I hover over them I get a message that the required dependecies are missing and that I need to add them to the project. This wasn’t the case previously, Designer would add the dependency to the template file. Is it me or has something changed?

Hello @supportive-fox, are you using IntelliJ or Eclipse? If IntelliJ is being used – please check that node_modules folder contains dependencies and they are indexed appropriately.

Hi @pleasant-leopard, I am using Intellij 2023.1.5 and Designer 4.6.23. I was not indexing node_modules. After adding node_modules as a source set in gradle it is now working.

At some point I was running into an issue where designer was causing IntelliJ to get stuck indexing and I removed the folder as a source set. I am not gettting that infinite indexing issue, so it seems like I’m all good.

for reference:

idea { sourceSets { main { java { srcDirs += ["build/generated/sources/annotationProcessor/java/main", "node_modules"] } } } }

@supportive-fox hello, I could confirm that there was an issue with indexing in some cases. It has been addressed in Vaadin Designer 4.6.24, feel free to update.