Design advice sought: Parameter Filling

I have a use case that is far from unique, and I’m sure many of you have done it many times. There is a list of reports (or scheduled tasks, etc.), and each member of the list has an arbitrary list of parameters of any type. What is the best way in Vaadin to allow a user to select a report from a combo box and then populate a list of fields for them to enter the parameter values? I’m leaning toward developing a CustomField with type Object. I’d prefer to do the rendering client side. Is there an elegant solution to this messy problem? I would use JavaScript to actually build the actual HTML fields, but maybe there’s a better way that I’m just not aware of?


Im not sure why you would want to dit this on client side ( or even how ) .

The elegant solution would be to represent a tasks’ parameter list with a PropertysetItem ( I presume you have a unique attribute per task,parameter ). Then you just need a FieldGroupFieldFactory to render appropriate field for a data type.