Deserialize CMIS Content Type into Vaadin Components

I’ve been working with the Form component without any success thus far and I just want to verify two things.

I’m trying to create a search template page and I’m basically looping through the property definitions and I would like to generate Labels, ComboBox for the operators, and the correct type of component based on the mimetype.


  1. Is a form the right form to work with?

  2. Is it possible to generate Form components like this at runtime? I’ve run through all of the documentation and they all contain bindings for POJO’s, but I want my design to be completely flexible without the need to create POJO’s. So far i’m extending the CustomField add-on to create custom CMIS-specific form fields, but I’m pretty lost without any example online and I’m extremely new to Vaadin.

Any example code or documentation that you could point me towards would be immensely helpful!

Yea I just found it easier to not use a Form and used horizontal/vertical layouts while dynamically adding components within the loop. Thanks anyways guys!