Deployment Vaadin 23

Hi, i have a problem with Deployment Vaadin 23 in Production Mode. When i make a local deployment with -Pproduction everything works fine. But when i deploy my app to another environment (in test-environment on aws i.e.) with Production-Mode on, i got always the Error: "No route found for the given navigation target ‘…views.ShukrServiceWelcomeView’ and parameters’.
I run it in Spring and there are no errors when starting spring with the app.
Local Machine, same release tag everything works fine.
Any suggestion what the problem could be ??

In what service do you run it and where comes the error from?

It is in a SpringBoot app, run on amazon cloud service.

And this is the error message in the spring-log:
com.vaadin.flow.router.NotFoundException: No route found for the given navigation target ‘com.vtk.views.main.WelcomeView’ and parameters ‘{}’
at com.vaadin.flow.router.RouteConfiguration.getUrl( ~[flow-server-23.3.1.jar!/:23.3.1]
at com.vaadin.flow.component.UI.navigate( ~[flow-server-23.3.1.jar!/:23.3.1]
at com.vaadin.flow.component.UI.navigate( ~[flow-server-23.3.1.jar!/:23.3.1]
at com.vtk.views.login.LoginView.doLogin( ~[classes!/:08db200f]
at com.vtk.views.login.LoginView.lambda$new$9b2b2516$1( ~[classes!/:08db200f]

Which Amazon Cloud service

AWS ! Deployed as docker image

And when you run the Docker image locally it works?

Yes, the route will be found and the app works fine

Which AWS service?

I don´t know what you mean ! What information exactly do you mean ?

EC2, Lightsail, ECS, BeansTalk

Managed EKS

Kubernets ok

Is this the only error message you see or is there anything else in the log?

No, it´s the only message. Login and Authentification on Login-Page works fine, but routing to any side doesn´t work with that error.

Whats’ on ShukrServicesLoginView line 51


And how does WelcomeView look lke?

I think i have the problem, i will try and when it works, i will tell the solution

Let me guess the WelcomeView requires parameters?

No, another and very stupid problem. The problem sit in front of the monitor :wink: ! When i implemented the app a view month ago, i had to create routes which depends on which LDAP-Role you have. So i added the routes in a list depending on the LDAP-Roles which the user has who is signed in. I do not annotate the view classes with the routes. Now i deploy to an environment, where are the Roles not implemented yet, so no routes were added to the list. I am sooo stupid !!! First i will implement a better error handling…
I hope you understand my english :wink: