Deploy to tomcat - nooby question

Hello everybody,

i have written a little web application with vaadin.
Until now i used eclipse with integrated tomcat server to test the application.

For no the application is ready to deployment, for that i set up a little debian server and installed tomcat7.

I never used tomcat this way. What i the easiest way to get my vaadin-eclipse-project to work on the tomcat.

I tried some things, but i didn’t get it to work until now.

thank you for your help


Normally you should be able to just take the war file from YourProject/target/YourProject-version.war and put in the the tomcat/webapp folder. Then you should just have to start the tomcat and it should auto-deploy your webapp.

Thank your. i didn’t know that with the war file. I tried it and worked out well, perfect.

Thank you.