Dependencies in Vaadin Views SonarLint issue (transient or serializable)

I have some use cases (business services) that I inject into Vaadin Views that provide CRUD features.

Just been checking through the SonarLint issues and it’s complaining that I should make these dependencies transient or serializable.

What is the reasoning for this in regards to Vaadin? Is it for sessions?

If you declare a variable final, you can’t change the reference later, and you’re now not initializing it with the declarator or, I assume, constructor

The reason is that you use a class that is not serializable or not transient in a class that implements Serializable.
When someone (for example Tomcat) would serialize the class then this maybe a problem

If you make FindCourse implement Serializable then this will be serialized as well. If you mark it as transient then it will be exclude from Serialization