Delayed ResizeListener

window.addListener(new Window.ResizeListener() {

		public void windowResized(ResizeEvent e) { 

When using this in my init() method of the application window I receive the resize event only when a button is clicked.
If the browser actually resizes I wont get such a resize event. So the event appears to be delayed somehow.

Did I understand the resize wrongly?
Also when I add a panel to the window and set it to full size it disappears.

Is there any way to have for example a Vertical flow layout being of window size 100% and the upmost size is like
200pixel (not set but calculated automatically) and the next component is always the rest of those. I tried to find
it in the book but as far as I can say that I need to automatically set the sizes on a resize.

I dont think that this is intended. Is there a better way for the full screen aspect?



Solved the layout issue but the resize listener is delayed. If someone sumbles on this here is what I forgot:

VerticalLayout mainLayout = new VerticalLayout(); //or any other layout type
MyComponent component = new MyComponent(); //or any other widget / component
mainLayout.setExpandRatio(component, 1);
window.add(button); //button