Default atomic block in StackedBar chart

we are using a StackedBar chart in our app. It works fine if the chart bars are of approximately same size, at least if they don’t exceed the ratio 1:100. Then the smaller bar is still visible and the tooltip will show the exact value.
Unfortunately for the higher ratios the smaller bar disappears completely and the tooltip is not available. But our customers would prefer in this case still to have something visible.
Is there a way to define a kind of default minimum value of the bar even if it will not actually reflect the ratio correctly?

We investigated this ourselves a bit.
The Highcharts javascript library supports the “minPointLength” property which will control the minimum bar width, but the Vaadin Charts API, which is based on Highcharts, doesn’t support it.
Actually it’s not very clear why not to expose the whole API set from Highcharts in Vaadin?


Thank you for noticing this missing feature. I created
for tracking progress on it. I targeted the feature for Charts 2.0, which is planned to be released later this year (Q4). If you need the fix sooner, our
team would love to help (scroll down for info on instant support without a support contract).