dedicated update docs for 23.0-23.1

Looking for dedicated update docs for migrations from 23.0 to 23.1 and 23.1 to 23.2. I couldn’t really find those in the docs, only the generalized major to major.

Indeed this would be very helpful to prevent from surprises!

Would it be the same content as in release notes :thinking:

And hopefully there isn’t too many surprises in minors, there shouldn’t be :grimacing:

We have noticed some add-ons to be broken in 23.2, but hopefully we can improve that situation still with some last minute fixes.

I think it’s better to have all information in the docs for visibility and google. Additionally it would be easier for newcomers, I’m normally reading every alpha, beta, rc and final Release Note of web-, flow-components and flow but I don’t think a lot of people are happy with digging thro them all to find the little change that broke their app :sweat_smile:

The blog post of the 23.1 release could probably be re-used as starting point and adding the breaking changes that were done in the artefacts - for example the flow root/servletcontext change that was reverted in 23.2 could be mentioned or more details about the new methods in the dialog for header/footer

In 23.2, you need to bump the version of Spring boot ( 2.7 is the requirements, in 23.1 it was 2.6), if you forgot :slightly_smiling_face: . Vite can give some errors on the frontend ( in some add-ons or in your code if you are using some js/typescript) but you can use webpack until you (or the add-ons) solve the issue.

Where did the boot requirement comes from? Haven’t noticed anything (technical) that would require it (don’t get me wrong, I’m pro 2.7 ;)) - only thing that comes in mind is the security related changes… but aren’t those already available since ages? See

In Spring Security 5.4 we introduced the ability to configure HttpSecurity by creating a SecurityFilterChain bean.

I’m considering we start maintaining a Changelog page in docs (for Flow and components in and for Hilla in

One example for inspiration:

Sounds like a good idea