Debugging production problems

Is there anything like the debug message log (see that was in Vaadin 8 for Vaadin 23? We are facing a problem in a production system that we cannot access remotely, nor can we reproduce the issue locally. It would be great to have access the UI debug message log, we could store it in localstorage for later retrieval etc.

There is no such things. What problem are you facing?

It is too specific to be of general interest. Thanks for confirming, we will figure it out some other way then.


It may not directly address your question but a good technique from vaadin itself. It will provide access to UI javascript exceptions only not debug logs.

The vaadin recipe code could be modified to log browser errors on the server side and then transmit the logs elsewhere for further analysis.

For example:

The onLogFromClient() method could log the error details to a database, log file, or external service. If using server logs could be periodically batched and shipped for analysis.

@quirky-zebra is the vaadin cookbook still maintained? it seems somewhat slow to render. thanks

Not sure, it’s updated occasionally but I think @practical-rat is better to answer this :grinning:

Oh, this is perfect, thank you very much :pray: !

The cookbook is still maintained, yes.

It seems to be working fine from my end. Not sure what explains the slowness.

@practical-rat thanks. It seems the cookbook was slow to render on the initial load, probably due to missing cache, subsequent reloads seem fine.