Debug ID for MenuBar.MenuItem

Hi, I am trying to set a debugId for a menuItem, but I failed to do since there is no setDebugId() specified for menu items. Is there a way to do that?

MenuItem myItem = menubar.addItem("myItem", new UtilCommand());



We’re also looking for a solution to set unique id’s on MenuItems.
When performing tests with JMeter, a http request with an id is needed to activate a specific MenuItem.
At the moment, the MenuItem id is an incremental number so it will change when adding or removing MenuItems.
The option to set a degubId on MenuItems would be a better solution.
When the debugId is set, there’s no need to modify our tests everytime the MenuBar is changed.

Thanks for your help!

This is not supported at the moment.
If there is no ticket about this, it is unlikely it will ever get implemented - you could
create an enhancement request
if you can’t find one.