DateTimeField with Chronology


Please help me, I would like to have the PopupDateField with Thai Buddhist Chronology (The Buddhist calendar system which is an offset in years from GJ). The Thai Buddhist Chronology is the same to the ISO Date except the year that plus 543.
For example, this ISO year is 2015, which is year 2558 in Buddhist Chronology.
Any idea to change the year in the PopupDateField to Buddhist year?

Thanks in advance.

I’m afraid is not possible. DateField is using a Date object as input value, instead of a Calendar. Trying to use the Thai locale to generate a Date object will just add the 543 years but DateField will show the date using Gregorian calendar. For today created with the BuddhistCalendar it’ll show 22.04.2558 as a Saturday, while in Budhist calendar should be what we have today, a Wednesday :frowning:

This looks like a design error and you should ask a feature request to improve the API of the DateField and to support Calendar.