DateTimeField no more working

Upgrading Vaadin from 8.1 to 8.2.1, the com.vaadin.ui.DateTimeField ignoring the “setValue(” and said:
“Ignoring RPC call to com.vaadin.shared.ui.datefield.AbstractDateFieldServerRpc.update in connector com.vaadin.ui.DateTimeField(180) as no RPC implementation is registered”. Ignoring setValue means: it do nothing.
In Vaadin 8.1 it works. There is no other changing as upgrading the version in my pom.xml (<vaadin.version>8.2.1</vaadin.version><vaadin.plugin.version>8.2.1</vaadin.plugin.version>)
Any idea? I’m a little bit confused.

Hi Andree,
have you recompiled the widgetset after upgrading vaadin version?

Yes, I recompiled it.
another thing that doesn’t work either: the representation of the date is american, although I have set the German format. None of it works anymore:
DateTimeField dateFieldVon = new DateTimeField(“Beginn”);
dateFieldVon.setDateFormat(“dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm”);
dateFieldVon.setLocale(new Locale(“de”, “DE”));
The result is “1/24/18 09:36 AM” :frowning: