DateTimeField Events issues

I want to update the current time whenever someone opens this DateTimeField picker/popup, seems like if I set the start value to now, it doesn’t update again after the first click,
and FocusListener and ContextClickListener are not working for me,

also, there is one more issue about this if I select/click date from the calendar the popup closes, but there is also the time fields which I want to select,

I think attempt of doing so, will mess up the DateTimeFields internal logic of hanldling value from the popup etc. So if you want a DateTimeField which has default value as “now”, you would probably need to do this in form of custom client side extension, where you initialize the value as you want. I see, that based on your description it would be handy, if there would easy API to set DateTimeField in special mode, where the default is “now”.