DateTimeField don't goes into Grid.Header

I’ve made a Grid, append a Header and add some filter elements like textfield, but for Date it seems normal to add an DateTimeField BUT it does not go into the cell ^^, if it change once the value of the datePicker it goes into the cell (need to have a header a bit taller) :

Here is the picture at launch :

So i don’t know what to change for that the datePicker goes into the cell directly and maybe change the height of something but don’t if header/cell, …
(don’t know how to add a picture properly here)


Do you have any custom theming in your application that might affect this?

Can you replicate the problem even with a minimal project?

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Have you tried the style DATEFIELD_TINY of ValoTheme?

@Olli : i was about to minimize mu code whe I saw the second answer ^^

@Moritz : thanks !
I add the first filter from demo.vaadin and it uses : textfield.addStyleName(ValoTheme.TEXTFIELD_TINY);
But when I created my Date filter I don’t even think about the parallel for it ^^