Datefield popup not updating correctly and default values


I am quite new to vaadin and having a problem with datefield popups in a form.

The field is specified as follows …

            abnField.setDateFormat("dd-MMM-yy HHmm");

The issue I have is that if the time is modified in the text field once, the field is updated correctly and if you pop the calender the the modified time is displayed. If the time is then modified again in the text field, the component is not updated correctly - if the calender is popped the previous time is shown and if the field is committed the modified value is lost.

I am running version 6.6.3, Tomcat 7 and have tried on Firefox and Chome browsers with the same result. There is a validator on the datefield.

A second separate issue is that if the date format is set to HHmm, the date will be reset to the current date if the time is modified in the text field. I wish to be able to maintain the existing date when the time is changed.

Thank you for your help.

Andrew Park.