DateField like UI Component

Dear all,

I’d like to implement a textbox with an embeeded button or image (exactly like the DateField component). What is the best way to do it, do I have to follow the new Vaadin widget steps, or can I just define my own serverside class and solve the problem with css (if it is doable); what are the pros-cons for later on, with different themes and so on…

the component I am trying to build is a call component (TextField that will hold a phone number, and an Embeded button on the right, that will start the call action).


with br to all

Server-side composition is a really powerful tool together with some CSS tweaking, as is done
. Custom widgets are of course also possible, but when simply combining existing components, server-side composition is usually safer and the easiest solution.

Browser compatibility should be checked in both cases; browsers have differences also with CSS processing, especially with IE. Using GWT to develop custom widgets (instead of pure JavaScript) helps with browser differences, but you often need to do DOM manipulation and use inline JavaScript, and you need to test the compatibility in those cases.