DateField (big) cropped on grid layout

Hi all,


I’ve got a GridLayout and some TextField / DateField within. I’ve applied “big” style to all of the fields but it seems that in some way the GridLayout force the height of its content and not vice versa.

Some observation:


the GridLayout has pixel-defined width and undefined height
date fields are standard chameleon date field with “big” style applied; width is pixel-defined and height is default

[/list]As attachment a screenshot showing the date fields (see the button, it’s clearly cropped).


By the way, is there a way to use Runo DateFields in an application using a custom theme that inherits chameleon?

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No suggestions?

I didn’t find other solution then modifying the image “/img/date-btn-big.png”.

However now it’s displayed correctly and I’m satisfied. If anyone has the same problem I suggest to try the same straightforward solution.



P.s.: by the way, the problem affects every DateField, big or not, and it seems that the layout where they lie does not matter (showed same problem on ForumLayout)