DateField and TimeZone UTC (GMT)

Hello, I started with the Vaadin framework. I want to put a Datefield component with a specific TimeZone Zulu (UTC or GMT is the same thing). When I display the calendar of DateField component, the TimeZone is not taken into account and I always time my operating system. I am in France so I have one more hour to display in my calendar :frowning:

setTimeZone(TimeZone.getTimeZone("UTC")); How to make the TimeZone the DateField component is taken into account regardless of my UI Locale variable ?
Is it possible to redefine the local for my DateField component and if so, how to put UTC (or GMT) ?

(sorry my english is a little rusty)


if you want to use permanently in your application another timezone just use TimeZone.setDefault() at your application startup

do by useing joda*.jar


Thank you for your answers. Despite having defines the default TimeZone (or even override the method getTimezone the DateField component), my component displays toujrous the French time rather than UTC.

How to keep UTC is displayed at the bottom of my calendar?
(see screenshot)

Ok I don’t resolve this problem but i create a custom component with a dateField and a InlineDateField in a popup. If you need it … thanks … Laurent