Data binding to generic Java object (non-POJO)

I am writing a system where field properties for my forms are stored within my NoSQL database so I will not have a POJO for each type of form (e.g. Person). Instead I want to have a generic java class where an instance will have properties for specific form fields. Each field property will be an object that holds captions, data types, messages, validation requirements etc. I want to benefit from standards such as Bean Validation (e.g. JSR-303) if possible.

I am not sure how to bind fields in a FieldGroup because out-of-the-box the binding will not find the property to bind to. I have read somewhere that this might be solved by overriding the findPropertyId method.

Is this possible? Could someone give me an idea how I would override this method? My java is not very strong so an example would be a great help.