Dashboard component?

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a dashboard component (including a sidebar) for my Vaadin project. Searching on Google revealed this demo:


After fixing some minor version problems (I think the demo is for Vaadin 6 or earlier, I’m using Vaadin 7), I managed to get it to run in its own project and it looks really good. However, I find it difficult to integrate it into my own project due to all the widget configuration and CSS stuff going on (I have very little knowledge about these topics, just beginning web development here).

Is there an Add-In version of this extension somewhere? Or is there an alternative to this which is an add-in and does almost the same thing?



I can’t come to think of an addon with this kind of behaviour and layout.

Since the dashboard demo (which runs Vaadin 7.1.0) as a whole is a full application instead of just an addon/component it might be quite hard to make such a component.

// Jonas

Hi Jonas,

yeah you’re right. However, after reading a couple of things up in the “Book of Vaadin” (great resource by the way) about SCSS, I managed to take a couple of components from the Dashboard demo and put them into my own application. I might not have the cleanest of all possible solutions, but actually I’m quite happy with it, and I learned a thing or two about SCSS in the process :slight_smile:

But what would definitly be handy is the sidebar alone as an add-in component. I know that there is the
component, but it does work a little different compared to the sidebar in the demo (which I managed to extract, thankfully).