Dark theme doesn't work

I’m using Vaadin 24.0.0 downloaded template of grid-with-filters, and although i set the theme to dark, it displays the page as light.

I have the following line in my application class, but it doesn’t help:
@Theme(value = “myapp”, variant = Lumo.DARK)

Any ideas?

to, got the same problem, i found the solution.
Here is an interface ThemableLayout and method getThemeList(), so i just set(Lumo.DARK, true);, then added it on the layout and got DARK theme

ofc u have to get getThemeList() on that layout, that u use first.

That seems to be this issue: Theme not being applied to fresh project · Issue #113 · vaadin/starters · GitHub

Hi thank you for replying, Im a bit new to vaadin, can you please further explain how to implement your solution? are you talking about editing the @Theme anotation?

It’s fixed but not yet released: Theme variant not applied with precompiled frontend bundle · Issue #16256 · vaadin/flow · GitHub

no), i made my own method public void configureTheme(VerticalLayout clazz) {
themeList = clazz.getThemeList();
themeList.set(Lumo.DARK, true);

and added it to the layout

that`s all

themeList is a variable of ThemeList, if it would be clear for u