Dangerous bug with JS addons in Vaadin 7.2.x

Problem occurs in case of GWT Java code called from javascript addon.

For example:

We have Timer component that call setInterval in native function and schedules timed event each 10 seconds. Each timer action call server rpc.

In Vaadin 7.1 each 10 second we call server side and it works perfectly. In Vaadin 7.2 if we have no user interaction then call will not be sent to server side.

Cause of this problem in Application.sendPendingVariableChanges that schedules finally action. Actions will be sent in GWT Impl.exit : 377, but in this case it does not occur.

It regression affects all Vaadin addons with JS libraries such as GWT maps. Probably it is GWT bug. I’ve created ticket with sample project for that case:

Thanks for quick response !