Cypress e2e tests and vaadin-grid

I’m trying to find the best way to write Cypress e2e tests for a Vaadin Flow application.

I can get hold of the typed vaadin-grid with TypeScript, but since my Flow grid uses a TreeGrid with dataproviders the .items is undefined.
I cannot do much other then get things like .selectedItems, .expandedItems so I have to query for the rendered grid content, such as vaadin-grid-cell-content.

Any thoughts on this?

You can see how the TestBench Grid integration does it at

Would be nice to make those APIs available for frontend users one day so you don’t have to reimplement the wheel

Wow, thanks!
I am not familiar with TestBench but everything seems to be using JS on the front-end right, i.e. I don’t need any round-trips to the server?

If you want to test what you see in the browser then you can stay in the browser