CustomMenuBar add-on

I have added new addon as

CustomMenuBar MenuItems known as CustommenuItem are having close button.
To achieve the close/remove functionality user has to fire setClosable(true); to the CustomMenuItem.
Every CustomMenuItem are having ItemClickListener.
To achieve ItemClick functionality user has to fire setItemClickable(true); to the CustomMenuItem.
By default the removing of MenuItem will not work.
User has to remove or do some stuff on the close click event.
A ItemCloseClickListener is available to achieve the close click event.

Feedbacks are welcome…

Hi Abhiram,

The Widget looks good and is exactly what i’m looking for.

The issue that i’m facing is if add the inherits specified in the AppWidgetSet.gwt.xml to my own widgetset, the inherits goes off after the widgetset compilation and i’m getting the following error.

Mon Sep 28 16:55:20 GMT+530 2015 com.vaadin.client.ApplicationConnection
SEVERE: Server sent Vaadin 6 style updates for UnknownComponentConnector (21) but this is not a Vaadin 6 Paintable

I’m using Vaadin 7.5.6 on eclipse with Java 8
Can you please help me to resolve this issue.
Thanks in Advance.