CustomLayout, default location


in Vaadin 7.2.4, the documentation of [font=courier new]
/font says

 * Adds the component into this container. The component is added without
 * specifying the location (empty string is then used as location). Only one
 * component can be added to the default "" location and adding more
 * components into that location overwrites the old components.
 * @param c the component to be added.
public void addComponent(Component c) { ... }

So in theory, having a layout
: [font=courier new]

[/font] and adding a Label with [code] CustomLayout layout = new CustomLayout("test"); layout.addComponent(new Label("label")); [/code]should add a label at the default location in [font=courier new] test.html [/font]. [b] Problem [/b]: That does not work!

Given the location a name [font=courier new]

[/font] and adding the Label with [font=courier new] layout.addComponent(new Label("label"), "test"); [/font] works as expected.

: Is the definition of the default location in
wrong, or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance,

At least an empty location name is ignored in the client side code:

So it looks like a bug, if we believe the documentation. Could you
create a ticket
about this issue (I quickly checked and didn’t find an existing one), thanks!

I’ve created a ticket: