Customizing validation errors and required field feedback

I am curious on how the best pattern to customize the display for required fields and validated text is.
I want to create a custom component that has a textfield and an error label to display the error if needed below the textfield if needed. However to do this I need to put both components in a Verticallayout.
I was wondering if it is possible to have a verticallayout that contains a textfield and a label and add it to a parent formlayout and have the textfield caption alignment merge and look identical to the alignment of any of the components in the parent form layout.
I am trying to make a custom error label that displays the message below textfield (similair to google). But I want the caption width to match the alignments of all the other in a different parent alignment.
Is this possible?

Riley Pickerl


if I understood correctly, you can achieve this by just not setting a caption on the TextField at all, and instead setting it on the VerticalLayout which contains your TextField and custom error label. Then when you add it to a FormLayout the caption should be displayed like any other component in the FormLayout.