Customisation of V23 ComboBox.

Hello, this is more of a technical question, than a concret problem.

Would it be possible to design the ComboBox with help of a Renderer or something else, to display items in a grid pattern?

The standard behaviour acts like a vertical Layout, and the DatePicker Component kinda has the same functionalety but displays it’s selection diffrent.
So theoreticly it would be possible to imitate the Datepicker with a Combobox or a Selection.
I’m trying to implemend a datePicker that shows only months, the custom DatePicker always lets you select a date and sure I could work aroud it with the i8n Picker for example but in the end it still has all days on display while selecting and I don’t want this, so I’m immitating the DatePicker with a custom Combobox and a grid popup would be awesome :smile:

The ComboBox has items. So even if you can style it. You would need one row per month

yeah your probably right, think further about it.
The renderer only handles item by item and there is probably no way to put multiple of them in the same div