CustomComponent testing - Design mode - Cache problems

Hello all, I am testing Vaadin again …
I would like resolving three easy questions:

Eclipse version:

Version: Indigo Release
Build id: 20110615-0604

  1. A2 class is a CustomComponent: If I close the lash in eclipse,Design Mode
    in the bottom of eclipse.
  2. My example code appears empty. No errors are shown.
  3. I have cache problems in each ejecution. I have to delete cache browser. Data is not refreshed. In all browsers: Firefox, Chromium … Can I to solve it from code ?

Mauro M.E

You need to ensure the file is opened using the Vaadin editor and not the standard Java editor (which does not have a design mode tab). Try right click → Open With → Vaadin Editor

You need to either define a size for A2 (if you do not want it to fill the whole window) or use mainWindow.setContent(m1) (if you want it to fill the whole window). Alternatively set the size for the automatically added VerticalLayout to full (mainWindow.getContent().setSizeFull()).

Add ?restartApplication to the url and you will see the new version when you refresh the page


All works fine … :slight_smile:

All the best,
Mauro M.E