CustomComponent is not shown in Portlet

I have created Vaadin Project as Portlet 2.0 Deployment configuration. Added CustomComponent with couple elements, and tying to call ti in Application. When deploy this portlet to Liferay, content of Composite is not shown. There is only “Hello Vaadin user” label. Do I need to enable CustomComponent somewhere in the portlet configuration files?

public class VaadinsecondprojectApplication extends Application {
	public void init() {
		Window mainWindow = new Window("Vaadinsecondproject Application");
		MyComposite mc= new MyComposite();
		Label label = new Label("Hello Vaadin user");



You must not edit any config-files. Is MyComposite just a CustomComponent or has it it’s own client-side code? In the latter case: Have you build a new widgetset? Are you sure that the right widgetset gets loaded? You should see some exceptions if you didn’t.
In the former case: Are you sure that the composite is alright? CompositionRoot set? Size not null? Check it with some client-side inspection tool like Firebug.

Thanks Tobias. After Your post I stopped digging in configuration area, and found that actually the problem was with the size of CustomCopmonent. If it is in %, than CustomComonent is not displayed. When set the size in px, CustomComponent appears. Don’t know, if it is a bug or feature, as size is in % by default…


Sounds like you having a layout-problem … Use the Vaadin-debug-console (add ?debug to your application’s URL) to Analyze your Layout. Resolve any upcoming Root-Problem for best results.