Custom Widgets - display in IE, but not in firefox and chrome


I followed all the steps to create a custom widget. I implemented both gwt client and server part. I even compiled the custom widget, and refresh my eclipse project. Server starts up properly, and when page is load, I don’t see the custom widget get rendered in firefox or chrome, but loads in IE… how weird is that!!!

may someone please tell me what I might have done wrong? I didn’t change much codes, I just used the default generted code, and my custom widget is only a button widget from gwt.


Just to elaborate on this more. When i turned on the debug window in the firefox and chrome browsers, after i clicked on “Analyze layouts” then suddenly the custom widget gets rendered. but after"restart app" button is clicked in debug window, the custom widget is gone again.

Please help… thanks!

Sounds like a size-related issue. Does analyze layouts tell you there is a layouting problem? You could also try to set a size for your component (setWidth/setHeight) to see if it makes any difference.